Individual Lessons

In individual lessons (Functional Integration) attention is given to the individual’s particular needs or interests. Having discussed these with the teacher, you lie fully clothed on a low table as the teacher uses her hands to gently support, encourage and suggest new ways of moving and organising yourself. The lesson will often lead to suggestions for ways of working on your own so that the new discoveries become integrated into your life.

Jackie Adkins says:

“In individual lessons I work with people to identify limiting movement habits and to explore options for greater freedom, ease and joy in movement and life. I use non-invasive touch to help the client have a more full sensory picture of themselves and identify individual movement patterns. My aim is to engage the client in a process of learning and discovery about themselves through the medium of movement.”

This approach is particularly useful for people with back pain, joint stiffness or other movement limitations, as well as for those who simply wish to learn more about themselves and to expand their options in movement and in life.

Individual sessions with Jackie Adkins take place in Frome, Somerset, last for one hour and cost £55. Concessions are available, contact Jackie to ask.

To book an appointment click here or call 07527-805138.

This film shows Feldenkrais practitioner, Scott Clark giving an individual lesson with a student. It gives an idea of what a lesson might look like. It was made for the Feldenkrais Guild UK by Andrew Dawson.