Edinburgh Workshops

Workshop Series 2018

Experiencing connectedness throughout  our whole self can bring a greater sense of freedom, articulacy and groundedness to everyday life as well as to specialised activities such as yoga, sports, playing a musical instrument or horse riding.

While each workshop takes a different area of the body as a starting point, throughout the lessons you are continually developing your ability to attend to a specific part in relationship to the whole.

The series offers the possibility to explore the Feldenkrais Method in a more concentrated way – deepening your self awareness and expanding your options in movement and life.

However, you can come to one, some or all of the workshops.

Mobilising the Pelvis & Legs Saturday 14 April

Freeing the Shoulders & Chest Sunday 15 April

Releasing the Jaw & Spine Saturday 20 October

Articulating the Feet Sunday 21 October

Suitable for all levels of experience. Book now to secure your place.

Venue: Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh EH16
Cost: £50 per workshop; £96 for 2; £138 for 3; £176 for all 4
Booking: info@movetolive.co.uk